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INMETCH has been certified as an ISO 9001 : 2015 distributor, which indicates the high-quality of our management. Every product that INMETCH offers goes through a series of extensive inspections to meet your quality requirements.

INMETCH cares about every detail of your product. We take each single content as a significant point : analyzing, examining and even overseeing all levels of metal testing by our qualified manufacturers.


To assume the responsibility for implementation, INMETCH adopts a strict management system. Our system not only preserves the maintenance of quality standards but also the effectiveness of management in our daily work.

INMETCH possesses complete facilities to verify data accurately and identify product blemishes in our well-managed laboratory. With professional manipulation and experienced operators, we are confident to meet the demands of customers with our self-demanding management.


Undoubtedly, quality is the top priority that we focus on. INMETCH embodies this spirit not only by what we produce, but also by how we work with our entire team. We always do our best to serve the most accurate and highest qualified products with our relentless tests.

INMETCH is a reliable option for long-team cooperation with a certified qualification. Via the conditions and the abilities presented above, we are ready to provide extraordinary products for you.

ISO Certificate of Inmetch

ISO Certificate of Inmetch


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12F-2, No.77, Sec. 2, Jhong-Hua E. Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 701, Taiwan

TEL: +886-6-289-8537

FAX: +886-6-289-2085

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